Enneagram Meeting: 9 Paths to Recovery

Individuals of each Enneatype have a particular way of moving into addictive behavior through the adaptive patterning of type – thoughts, emotions and sensations. Once an addiction emerges, other factors such as defensive strategies appear to create a stronghold over the person, imprisoning them and further strengthening the addictive cycle. In this interactive presentation, we will examine both process or behavioral addictions and substances and examine how type calls the particular addiction forward and how understanding a higher level of character structure can also assist in the recovery process.

In addition, 12 step styles and principles will be compared to the way the tool of the map of the enneagram and the teachings around the enneagram can be used together most effectively.  A live interview will be conducted with a recovering addict of both a substance and process addiction that has used the enneagram in the recovery journey. This presentation will be helpful to all those interested in addictions recovery, both the experienced clinician, those personally impacted by addiction and those just curious and wanting to know more.

AUGUST’S MEETING:  (The third Tuesday of the month) Tuesday, August 18, 2015
VENUE: St. Philips Church, Classroom #8; NE corner of Campbell and River  
TIME:  7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

FACILITATOR: Renee Siegel, MA, LISAC, NCGC-II, BACC, LMT HHP. Renee Siegel, a board member of the Arizona Enneagram Association, has been working with those impacted by addictions for 35 years.  She has also been intrigued by the need to utilize health and wellness strategies to anchor the lifestyle changes clients want to make. Introduced to the Enneagram about 10 years ago, she quickly realized that the Enneagram was quite useful as a map and tool for both recovery and health and wellness strategies. Renee recently completed over 10 hours of filming of each type in recovery from both a substance and process addiction. Each exemplar has utilized the tool of the Enneagram in their recovery and describes its utility in developing both a greater awareness of how type influenced the addictive downward spiral and how it has assisted them in their continued recovery journey.

PASS THE WORD ALONG: Tucson Enneagram Enthusiasts are dedicated to self-knowledge, and bringing the Enneagram to the greater community, thereby helping to heal humanity. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone you know who’s interested in deepening their self-understanding and the practical application of this mystical wisdom tradition. No prior knowledge of the Enneagram is required.


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