Enneagram Meeting: Body Wisdom and Your EnneaType

THIS MONTH’S MEETING: (The third Wednesday of the month) Wednesday, March 16, 2016
VENUE: St. Philips Church, on the NE corner of Campbell and River, The West Gallery room
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

COST: Free.  Suggested donation $5.

We all use our type strategies to cope with the daily stresses of life. Sometimes we use them consciously but probably more often it’s our unconscious patterns that arise. The head types are trying to figure it all out, the heart types are feeling, lamenting and helping, the body types are trying to control or numb out. And sometimes we take a beating as a result. Our blood pressure goes up, our relationships go down, we can’t sleep, we’re frustrated, snappish, even depressed. And we’re very, very busy!

But we all have a tool at our disposal – it’s called body wisdom i.e. somatic wisdom. Our bodies are giving us a lot of information if we would just listen. And yes, body types can be just as out of touch with this deep wisdom as head and heart types.

By way of introduction to the upcoming AEA April special event, “The Enneagram and Dynamic Relationships: A Three Centered View” with Marion Gilbert and Terry Saracino, you will be introduced to the concept of somatic wisdom, learn a bit about your physical cues of becoming triggered, and find out how this knowledge can aid you in your relationships.
FACILITATOR: Jaye Andres, MBA, is a “founding mother” and past president of the AEA. As a life coach and consultant, her passion is to assist others in raising their self-awareness and move past limiting beliefs & habits to live a fuller, freer, richer and more peaceful life. She also facilitates workshops with groups and organizations on personality type, team building, conflict resolution and leadership development. Check out more about Jaye at her website:  www.PersonalityDynamicsAZ.com


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