This month’s topic: Whole Health Evaluation using the Enneagram

This month’s topic: Whole Health Evaluation using the Enneagram

WHEN: (The third Wednesday of the month) Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WHERE: St. Philips Church, on the NE corner of Campbell and River, The West Gallery room

TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

COST: Free.  Suggested donation $5

Study of the Enneagram reveals consistent thought patterns and behaviors among different types of people.  Different EnneaTypes prefer different kinds of activities, care about different kinds of things, and think different kinds of thoughts.  Certainly this impacts our health.  How is it impacting yours?

In this dynamic presentation, we will learn the basics of health diagnosis using traditional Chinese diagnostic methods (acupuncture).  We will learn as a group by inviting volunteers to have their overall health picture assessed. By combining cues from the appearance of their tongue, the sensation of their pulse, the description of their symptoms, and exploration of their EnneaType, guests will gain deeper insight into themselves and the true state of their health.

About the presenter: Candice Thomas, L.Ac. is an integrative acupuncturist who uses the Enneagram in her practice.  She believes it is the best way to access the spirit in mind-body-spirit medicine.  She employs a storytelling style of case studies and group interaction to offer illumination about how these ego structures play out in real life. Visit her at

***Would you like to volunteer to have your health picture assessed?  Drop Candice a line at


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