Enneagram Meeting: The Dark Night of the Soul

DATE: (The third Wednesday of the month) Wednesday, November 16, 2016
LOCATION: St. Philips Church, West Gallery, NE corner of Campbell and River  
TIME:  6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

COST: FREE.  Suggested donation $5

THIS MONTH’S MEETING TOPIC:   The Dark Night of the Soul
The deeper we get into our study and living into our Enneagram type, the more likely we are to experience what has been called, “The Dark Night of the Soul.” We will explore what this “Dark Night” is about and the various ways that different types might experience it, and then deal with their experience. The Dark Night of the Soul is most likely to happen at transitions points from one level of development to another, as we understand more clearly and deeply who we are meant to be, and encounter the challenge of being that person.

About the Presenter: Jeanette Renouf has been affiliated with the Enneagram Enthusiasts group since its inception over five years ago. She is the invaluable liaison between us and St. Philip’s Church, finding and negotiating for our beautiful meeting rooms. In addition to being our “church whisperer,” Jeanette holds a D. Min, as well as a Ph. D., and has been faculty at four schools of spiritual direction and co-founder of three of them. She is a retired clinical psychologist of 40 years, a spiritual guide, and international retreat leader.


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