Dear Enneagram Enthusiast,

In light of recent health safety concerns, we must cancel our Enneagram meeting, scheduled for March 18.

Additionally, Sandy Hogan’s Celebration of Life is cancelled, which had been scheduled April 1.

How are you? I imagine our Type 6’s and our Self-Preservation members in particular are struggling now with feelings of anxiety. And possibly everyone else, too!

I want to remind you that the strength of your immune system is the combined health of your thoughts/feelings, and your food. There is much you can be doing to support your health—you are not powerless!

The main focus is to keep your inflammation down. Eat fruits and vegetables with the deepest colors–they have the most vitamins and minerals. Avoid sugars, which weaken immunity and disrupt cell function. Embrace this spare time to prepare healthy meals for yourself.

Remind yourself that you are healthy and strong, and you have purpose and love in your life, and all will be well. Take this unexpected down time as a gift, and use it to reconnect with your loved ones and with yourself. Try a guided meditation (there are apps) or an online yoga class (I adore Julia Marie on Amazon Prime). These will help both your body and mind feel centered and powerful.

I look forward to reconnecting with you soon.

Sending love,

Candice Thomas


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