About Us

The Tucson Enneagram Enthusiasts are a group of people who enjoy meeting to learn about the many aspects of the Enneagram.  We range from beginners to veterans, and from teenagers to retirees.  We welcome all and are happy to see both our longstanding regulars and new faces at every class.

Currently we have shifted to an online format for meetings, using Zoom. Tickets for the workshop are $10.


Our Leadership

The Tucson Enneagram Enthusiasts began meeting in 2011, co-founded by Bob Shank, Erlina Edwards, and Sandy Hogan. Since then, both Bob and Sandy have passed away, and Erlina has recently accepted the position of President of the Arizona Enneagram Association. Taking over Tucson leadership is Candice Thomas, Dipl.Ac., an Accredited Teacher through the International Enneagram Association. Candice works in the field of holistic health and has focused on developing new research in the area of Health and Personality. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers.


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