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Online IEA 2021 Global Enneagram Conference

The International Enneagram Association’s global conference will be held online this year and will feature high-quality keynote and end-note speakers, plus over 80 sessions from presenters around the world. Simultaneous translation is offered so people from all over the world can participate together. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with speakers and attendees.

The theme this year is called “Reaching Across (generations, cultures, borders, racial divides, etc.) with the Enneagram.”

Candice Thomas, our local Enneagram expert, will be a speaker at this year’s conference. Her presentation is called Your Vitality Personality: A Map to Self-Actualization. It offers a new model for learning the Enneagram, focusing on how our behavior changes when we move from being Ego-Driven, to Consciousness-Directed.

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