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Online Enneagram Workshop: The Enneagram of Toxic Feelings vs Emotional Freedom

Discover how your Personality Type drives you towards specific toxic emotional states, and how to gain self-mastery so that you may live a life you love!

  • Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 5:00pm – 7:00pm MST
  • Online Zoom meeting
  • $10


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The state of Vitality is the result of a daily lifestyle of Love and Joyfulness. Yet, each Personality Type is hardwired to sabotage your emotional freedom. If left unattended, you will be blocked from easily accessing these uplifting and empowering feelings. The consequences for this can be dire, leading to disease and despair. Identifying the nature of your Type’s Ego-Driven emotional programming is the essential key to releasing yourself from it.

The world of emotions is a mysterious and confusing one for most people. Yet this is what creates your energetic signature – the combined vibration of your thoughts and feelings. This signal permeates all the cells of your body and moves outward into the Universe. The degree of health and happiness you experience in your life is the direct result of your unique emotional vibration.

In this compelling online class, discover a new system for understanding the nature of your Personality Type’s Ego programming, and the influence this has over your energetic vibration, your health, and your quality of life. Identify which toxic emotions are consistently evoked in this Ego-Driven state, and how to move into Vitality through connecting with your Higher Consciousness.

Learn how to process your emotions the healthy way, so that you may remain in the Flow and experience a much higher and more meaningful existence.

  • Learn about your Type’s Ego Survival Belief, and how this untruth compels you to create a false narrative about your place in the world – prompting repetitive cycles of harmful thoughts and feelings.
  • Identify how your specific Sabotage Pattern includes a particular array of painful emotions, and blocks access to uplifting ones.
  • Discover a simple and powerful method for fully processing your feelings, and integrating their energy to create a higher vibration.
  • Embrace your Vital Truth — a philosophy that aligns with the Flow of the Universe and guides you to feel fulfilled and inspired.
  • Experience how engaging with your Highest Purpose prompts an ecstatic emotional state which naturally leads you towards Vitality: the joyful expression of your awakened mind, vibrant body, and limitless spirit. 

Register today and begin the journey toward expanded self-mastery and deeper fulfillment!


About the Presenter:

Candice Thomas is the founder of LightWorks Acupuncture, My Self | My Health, and Your Vitality Personality. Drawing on her dynamic education in molecular biology, eastern medicine, and the Enneagram, she offers a complete perspective on how to truly thrive. Booked nationally as a speaker on the deeper drives behind our life choices, she presented her original research at the 2020 Science of Consciousness conference and the 2021 Global Enneagram Conference. As an award-winning Acupuncturist, Educator and Holistic Health Advocate, Candice is committed to helping others discover the fundamental tools necessary for creating true vitality in their lives.

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