What is the Enneagram?

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The Enneagram is a personality-typing system.  The root Ennea means “nine”, and gram means “picture.”  This is a reference to the symbol depicted on our homepage, depicting a picture of the 9 EnneaTypes and how they interact with one another.

Based on archetypal knowledge derived over thousands of years, the study of the Enneagram became a more formalized system in the 1950’s, and development continues to this day.  It is such a rich and vital system that its applications seem endless.

The Enneagram begins with a foundation of 9 Types, but allows for much nuance from there.  The study of the Enneagram allows us much deeper insight into our own and others’ motivations, natural abilities, built-in weak areas, fears, triggers, communication styles, and so much more.  To develop an understanding of these Types is to develop one’s emotional intelligence.  As we gain insight into ourselves and others, we gain in empathy, which allows us to improve and harmonize our relationships.

Learn about how it is used in real life!


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